Image, Spectacle, Cinematic…

When I think about an image I usually think of a photograph. As Susan Song states “…it is also a trace, something directly stenciled off the real, like a footprint or a death mask”. Photos are so real- while a painting may come close it will never be the same. I appreciate paintings and various types of art work but a photograph will capture my attention most and I think the reason is how real that Image is. We pass by Images everyday but when you have the photo in your hand and time is still you can analyze and imagine and reflect on the image bringing it to life.

A spectacle to me is usually a live event such as a Prize fight, Super Bowl or World series.  I guess because when I think of spectacle I think of an event at its highest form, something that doesn’t happen often. The event becomes more of a spectacle when you are actually there to take it all in. For example if I see a photograph of a football team introduced to the crowd running out to the field during the Super Bowl at first glance it is just that a team running on to the field, but being there live and hearing the fire works and the roars of the crowd as well as the players themselves all fired up smashing helmets and breaking through banners it becomes more of a spectacle. Slow moving images and timely composed music may make the same spectacle cinematic, which at that point I would say it isn’t a spectacle anymore but that is just my interpretation. So I would say that it depends on the audience whether or not something is an Image, a Spectacle or Cinematic.


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