All Three Together



I believe that images, spectacles, and cinematic are all alike because they show something and have a message. They are forms of art constructed by individuals to relay a certain message.  When asked the question if it is a property of the audience, media or culture, I think that they are the property of all three. With an image, there is an audience, and by showing this image, it is the example of sharing art, a form of media. Within the image of art, there are many things incorporated such as culture because when an artist creates, it is because they are inspired with what is around them, such as their culture.


One Response to “All Three Together”

  1. I agree with you that all three are quite interconnected and can really be considered the property of anyone and everyone involved. It becomes difficult to really draw lines and decide where one things end and the next begins.

    I think a most important element that you address, is the message. Every art form, every medium contains a message. That message is, in my opinion, what truly makes it art. Without a message, it is left empty and meaningless.

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