(A late Oct. 12th Post) The Public Sphere Ideology

According to Habermas, the ideal form of the public is sphere is the allocation for all individuals (regardless of specific groups or orientations) to come together and participate in public discourse. The ideology of the public sphere is one in which all are equal. With the convergence of the ideas/thoughts of individuals in one space, one can hope that a universal understanding or consensus be formed. This ideology is great in theory, but not practicality, especially in our current society.

The internet has provided an open forum for all to participate in discussions through blogs, chat rooms, video uploads, and websites. With so much opinion out there, the messages get lost and it becomes difficult for the true underlying meaning or intention to come to surface. It becomes clouded with propaganda and mixed messages, leaving the reader/viewer to either join in their views or defer to other sources.  To me the only true way to avoid use the influence of propaganda or fallacies through media is to obtain some objective outlook when viewing the messages. The more information that can be gathered on a particular matter (for example politics) the more informed one can become and formulate their own opinion.

There is the concern (and counter argument of Habermas) that not all are equal afforded the opportunity to have access to the same information or as Garnham states “once communication is mediated, these universal equalities can no longer be guaranteed” (Garnham, 365). The public sphere ideology is controlled no longer by all, but through some form of party interest. These governing authorities continue to prevail due to status and the ever present notion that they are speaking on behalf of the general public. This in turn leaves all those who feel underrepresented or those who are not represented with little confidence in leadership and possibly disjointed from the process of discourse.


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  1. christinatx Says:

    Oops, I meant that this is a late post for Oct. 2nd. (Not 12th).

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