(A late Dec. 2nd Post) New Media: “immediacy”, “hypermediacy”, & “remediacy”

The wide spread use and popularity of social networking sites comes to mind when addressing “immediacy”, “hypermediacy”, and remediacy”. Networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and even Second Life site offer can offer representations addressed in text by Bolter and Grusin. I believe that these sites can cross over into bother immediacy and hypermediacy. As Bolter and Grusin state, “immediacy leads to hypermediacy”.

Immediacy within the social networking sites allows the use of actions or activities that mimic real life transactions. One purpose is to create a sense of immediacy in communication and creating connections with others.  Through graphical representations users can hug, chat, and distribute flair buttons that resemble real life buttons in shape and size. The hypermediacy affects the applications within these online locations. Through the applications that are offered, site users retain the ability to categorize multiple pages concern topics, videos, pictures, etc in order to divulge information about them.  The interfaces of these sites make it easy to view and upload content in an organized manner. It is both “simultaneously automatic and interactive” (Bolter & Grusin, 33).The vast availability of full text journal articles, magazines, interviews through databases online is an example of remediacy.  I am also reminded of videos such as those on YouTube that are created utilizing a mesh of photos, video clips, and music. These generated compilations are the “collage” (47) or “aggressive remediation” (46) that both Bolter and Grusin address. It is the combination of both past and present media.

Considering Dewey’s ideologies, immediacy and hypermediacy within the contexts that I discussed might be considered more of a personal expression. Is there truly a need coming from these social networking sites? Maybe the need is for instant communication and interaction. Dewey states “impulsions are the beginning of complete experience because they proceed from need…” (58). Furthermore, the ability to express in confined by the networks configurations. Users are limited to the amount of uses within these sites. Using production, such as creating a video “collage” (47) on YouTube, allows for both an expression and production of material. Creators are only limited by their knowledge and experience with such applications. “Expression as personal act and as objective result are organically connected with each other” (Dewey 82).


One Response to “(A late Dec. 2nd Post) New Media: “immediacy”, “hypermediacy”, & “remediacy””

  1. I actually take great pleasure in the expression portrayed in “music videos” on youtube. It further elaborates that expression is relative, as is art. This type of remediation fascinates me thought some would not consider this true art. But this proves that you can collect a variety of other peoples work and make it your own.
    I think there is a need for networking sites on a professional level but not so much on a creative expression level. The spectacles on myspace proves that.

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