Technology, Senses, & Video Games

To me learning to “hear” and “see” through a new technological media is through adapting to new environments in which we encounter. I think that Grodal’s discussion of video games is apparent in our adapting to new forms of media. A utilizing of the senses of hearing and sight within simulated environments becomes almost heightened. “Media representations are better described as different realizations of basic real-life experience” (Grodal 129).  I find it interesting that Grodal also claims that emotions can also be altered depending on the person’s gaming perspective. The stories that Grodal speaks of are stories in which we can visualize ourselves in. With the use of video games the player are in control of the character and the outcomes.

As video games become more challenging and require additional motor functions, users must adapt, acquire, and master these capabilities in order to compete within the game. Video games today have advanced in technology and in their player requirements. It appears as if eyes, ears, and hands become one. Is this the “copy”, “contact”, and “optical unconscious” that Taussig refers to?  As Grodal infers, users develop problem solving skills and an advanced ability to multitask. Players today can use almost every body part and speech (and even our butts now thanks to Wii) to interact with the game and other players. 

According to Sterne, with the technological advancement in sound reproduction, the auditory experience progressed it use into both private and public. Video games work on a similar level.  Gamers can play at home, utilize specialized public spaces for gaming, or play at home where “…messages can be quickly relayed over very long distances” (Sterne, 141) using headsets or other similar technology to communicate with other players anywhere.

When addressing aesthetics, Grodal makes a comparison between video games and film.  I do agree that the more a player becomes familiar with the game environment that the interest in the game becomes decreased. I think that technology as well as the story lines plays an essential factor in retaining customers. Video games companies are competitive and the world of gaming is a large market. Players are constantly seeking the next great game, its challenges, and visuals that have never been seen before.


One Response to “Technology, Senses, & Video Games”

  1. Yes, video games today have certainly revolutionized technology. As you talk about “Wii” it is a perfect game where in the body utilizes hands, feet, senses and vision. Ultimately helps develop our physical and multitasking skills as said by Grodal. Its quite interesting the way you compare video games and films by addressing to aesthetics.

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