New Technological Media

I think that everything we do as individuals we have learned. When we are newborn babies we do not know very much although we learn to communicate what we want at a young age by crying in different ways. As media continues to change, becoming more advanced, we must learn the new signals and language in order to properly use the new technological device. The interesting thing about media is that every individual has their own perception and viewpoint. What they “hear” and “see” is different from another individual. Media and technological devices can be viewed as simulations of the real world and life. 

“The computer is the newest medium for story simulation. By providing an interactive motor dimension to story experience the computer adds a powerful new dimension to the possibility simulationing first person experiences.” (Grodal 138). 

Aesthetics is the way we sense and view things. It is what we take away from reading, seeing, hearing, writing, painting, etc. In my opinion human perception is uncontrollable. Yes there can be certain things that sway our opinion or force us to believe without thinking. Although, the human perception, especially in new technological media is unlimited. Certain aspects of new media such as virtual reality worlds, video games, films, music, we have already learned the language to view and interpret it, although it is what we take from it.

The scary thing about society constantly having new technological experiences is that we become bored of what we continue to see, thus relaying on new and more innovative technologies. Why is this so? Do we want to learn more languages, challenge our minds, or are we simply spoiled and bored? Maybe we are eager to have more stories in our lives. “It may be difficult to make a lower limit to the phenomenon narrative, although most would think that learning quit basic action patterns like those found in Tetris (which lacks an agent in time space dimension) fall below the category of narrative.” (Grodal 152).


3 Responses to “New Technological Media”

  1. I fairly agree with you that media is the face of communication for many. Today many people just believe on things without even getting to know what the medium is behind it. Yes many people today have their own perception towards media and react to situations in a different way. For. e.g, when the campaign for elections were on, people from every state had their own views and opinions to share.

  2. I agree with you that it is impossible for us to control our own perceptions. But I think that the ways in which we perceive the things around us are quite obviously controlled by larger forces. New media and technology alter the ways in which we think about and view everything around us. We become so accustomed to the user interfaces of our favorite websites that they change the things we find visually appealing and the ways in which we organize information.

    Technology is constantly facilitating change in our society, but I don’t think this is a necessarily good or bad thing. It is simply natural. Technology does not refer simply to computers and the internet. It refers to everything that has aided in human evolution, from land and water to blogs and podcasts. Everything was at one point radical and unnatural. If we think of face-to-face communication as real and natural, what makes email and message boards so much different? Our bodies are nothing more than machines and computers are simply an extension of them.

  3. I think the thing that you hit on at the conclusion of your entry is really interesting, and possibly is a construct/result of our being indoctrinated into modern society as media consumers.
    (It might also have to do with our natural curiosity as humans and desire for learning, too, but as a critique of capitalism, I’m going with the nurture argument here).
    Perhaps we’ve been programmed to always want new stuff. Perhaps this is advertising working on us. For example, even if your first iPod from 2004 works just fine and still has tons of storage space, you might be influencesd to want a new, smaller, cooler-looking iPod with a video screen, because it is “better.” Why do you think it is better? Well, because ads on TV and billboards make it look way high-tech and, therefore, better.
    Maybe we’d never get bored or dissatisfied with the old iPod at all unless someone told us that it was now inferior.
    This consumption loops keeps us wanting and it gives the sellers the opportunity to keep inventing new things to try to sell us so we’ll stay entertained and placated. That way our money keeps flowing out of our pockets towards their bottom lines.

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