The Authentic and The Imitation

To me, these two texts tackle the conflicts and issues that stem from the technological advances made in the field of art and especially media studies. Authenticity and originality as Benjamin is stating is essential to the form of art and are both the same. Benjamin argues that the lack of authenticity and digital reproduction leads us into an endless cycle of reproduction and lack of creativity.

Unlike Baurdillard I do not that reality is lost due to replication. Simulation is designed to extend the boundaries of reality. We know that Disneyland can never be a real thing outside of the park gates, but yet we still enjoy the sense of being in an alternate reality momentarily. In regards to art it is the original I believe that is always regarded and recognized as the initial influence of the replica. In my opinion, they are all real experiences and still relevant to the field of art regardless if they are digitally reproduced or not. For example, a midi reproduction of piano does not give it an exact replica of a real piano sound, but it can deliver a similar effect.  The quality of the work is what gives something (music, art, etc.) its authenticity.


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    Oh, I forgot…what’s a ditto?

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