The Act of Expression: John Dewey

“WORKS of art often present to us an air of spontaneity, a lyric quality, as if they were the unpremediated song of a bird. But man, whether fortunately or unfortunately, is not a bird. His most spontaneous outbursts, if expressive, are not overflows of momentary internal pressures. The spontaneous in art is complete absorption in subject matter that is fresh, the freshness of which holds and sustains emotion.” (Dewey 70). 

Immediacy is the effort the artist makes to try and show the audience a message without them thinking about the medium such as, that they used a canvas to paint their picture, or a camera to film their footage. To me immediacy is the best way to show art because if individuals can perceive the message without thinking how it was made, then they achieved the effort the artist makes of escapement. Immediacy is all about the efforts in making technologies become immediate to society. The fast you can talk to others, the faster you can write to others, the faster you can basically communicate to others are great examples of technology and immediacy. 

Hypermediacy is the exact opposite of immediacy because it shows the medium. This method is not always practical because the audience can get lost in the medium and begin to realize the faults and errors of the medium, causing them to stop thinking about the message that is trying to be conveyed. Today’s technologies of Virtual Reality worlds such as World of War craft or Second Life can be seen as a form of hypermediacy because of the multiplicity of relationships. 

When i think of remediacy I think of trying to change. I think that it is the process of “redoing”, making something better. Basically all new technologies in media and the communication field can be correlated with the meaning of remediacy because it is the effort or changing media. Remediacy eventually leads to immediacy. 

“In the end, works of art are the only media of complete and unhindered communication between man and man that can occur in a world full of gulfs and walls that limit community of experience.” (Dewey 105).


2 Responses to “The Act of Expression: John Dewey”

  1. christinatx Says:

    I would like to add a late comment. I like how you addressed the concept that with the use of mediums that utilize hypermediacy, we tend to focus on its capabiites or lack there of sometimes. I also think that when we revert our focus away from the message and onto the falts of the medium, we can begin to improve and alter our technology for the better.

  2. As you might suspect, I agree with Christina. I totally agree that when there’s too much hypermediacy, it often creates so much noise that it adversely affects our ability to address immediacy.

    I couldn’t write any comments for the week you wrote this because nobody else commented until moments before class, so I have to do it now. It’s a classic example of how hypermediacy sucks compared to immediacy! I hope our friend Mr Asaro will remember not to grade me down for this lateness, since I had no choice but to do this late.

    Ah, the joy of make-up blog posts! Have a nice second semester, Peter C

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