Second Life…

Scape and the new upgrades to Google Talk via Video conferencing/IM chatting is a perfect example of immediacy. These mediums would now replace the use of other video conferencing systems and telephones.
Second Life is an online virtual world which allows players to interact, socialize, and explore. The players create their own avatars which allows replications of themselves (or who they want to be) in an online environment. This is an example of Hypermediacy but could also reflect Remediacy. Computer software programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and other Adobe Creative Suite programs serve as examples of remediacy as well. I purposes picked these three examples from the digital world of the www because the question still remains is can you be expressive through a computer? Does a blog REALLY represent who you are?
When considering and analyzing immediacy, hypermediacy, and remediacy with Dewey’s ideas of expression, I believe artists would not thrive in a virtual world. Though you can create your own “image” of yourself, you are still confined to the constrictions of the program, leaving no room for impulsive, spontaneous expression. Perhaps using Google talk could be consider more expressive and personal. I agree with Dewey when he states “The difference between the artificial, the artful, and the artistic lies on the surface.” The surface being how it is seen and interpreted. We do not know the emotions that went behind the building of an avatar, we only can see how that specific person see themselves.


3 Responses to “Second Life…”

  1. murtaza14 Says:

    Yes, I firmly believe that blogs today do represent the face of an individual. Today where second life as you mention is become so important that the whole idea of blogging and representing ourselves gives everyone a chance to speak out what they feel and share it with the world. Hence allowing oneself to create his/her own image in a artistic way in the form of blog.

  2. katiekoep Says:

    I think also that blogs accurately represent individuals as much as or perhaps even more so than your physical appearance does. It gives the individual a chance to express their voice and create their own image beyond any physical distractions beyond the indivdual’s control. Blogs, like social networking sites and other personalized web formats, offer us complete control of our identity. And whose representation could be closer to the truth than one’s own? Blogs and similar aforementioned media truely revolutionize the entire concept of identity and the individual in (I think) an extremely progressive and opportunistic way.

  3. christinatx Says:

    Hello. I would like to add a late comment to your post. I’m making up for some lost posting time. I too think that blogs, second life, social networking sites, etc do provide us with an opportunity to represent ourselves. The only implication is that we tend to be limited by the technology and capabilities through these sites. I wonder how far these networking sites will continue to go in terms of user capabilites. Thanks.

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