Immediacy, Hypermediacy, Remediacy and Art

Looking at Immediacy, Hypermediacy and Remediacy I think they all are sort of connected with each other and offer the same message. In the case of immediacy, people are shown messages without informing them where the message is coming from. I believe today’s technology is fairly related to immediacy. Cell phones, emails, blogs, where people can connect with each other are good examples of immediacy. Remediacy on the other hand is one form that is constantly trying to change the way we think and do things. These changes are seen as the technology around us changes, that is, changing the medium itself.

As we discussed in class the concept of ‘Second Life’, which came to me as a very good example of Hypermediacy. Here people are trying to be and act what they are not in real world. Here it is often seen that people get lost within the medium and forget what the real message is.

Dewey called art the “most universal and freest form of communication.” (Scott R. Stroud (2007) “Dewey on Art as Evocative Communication”, Education and Culture: Vol. 23: No. 2, Article 2.) I wonder how art could be the freest form of communication today, with increasing technology and everybody using cell phones, emails and blogs. But also there were times when art was use as a medium to communicate. For e.g, paintings and ancient architectures that talk about the country’s history and culture which were a medium of communication that was passed on from one generation to other.


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