Weiner and Hayles: Cybernetics

Information is essential for control because without it the message may be lost or misconstrued. The sender has to be aware of how and what means of communication information will motivate the receivers response. Information shapes how we develop our understandings of that which surrounds us. The means or mediums that are used to deliver this information cannot be judged by society’s resources. When given the example of Wiener and the “intelligent savage” (Wiener 157), our abilities to communicate are not solely determined by our technologies. We naturally adapt and adjust our communicative roles by the situations that we encounter. Katherine Hayles when discussing Weiner also maintains that the information when received is inevitably interpreted differently.

Wiener also discusses how we communicate in terms of media. The press, radio, etc. as Wiener states is a part of our society that allows and gives control to media “by the possession of means for the acquisition, use, retention, and transmission of information” (161). As a consequent of the power given to these mediums, it creates or opens up opportunities for monetary advancement in the field. This I believe is the loss of core of what the information is as suggested by Wiener.


One Response to “Weiner and Hayles: Cybernetics”

  1. I agree with Wiener argument that today the press gives a lot of opportunity to common man to communicate and get his/her message out to the world. Communication today has rapidly increase and become very necessary for one and all.

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