Some Ideas for Watching the results online

From they daily Cynopsis Digital Email:


The New York Times announced an ambitious selection of multiplatform content covering the election. Times’ political correspondents will deliver video reports on at 30-minute intervals throughout the night beginning at 7 pm ET. A pop-up dashboard sponsored by Areva will provide an up-to-the-minute tally of electoral votes, breaking news updates and state-by-state results. The Times’ mobile site will offer video updates and breaking news alerts when key races are decided. The paper will also publish two special print supplements on Nov. 5 and 6 detailing the results of the presidential, Congressional and gubernatorial races.

Following its mission to bring power to the people, Current TV will cover today’s election integrating a full selection of user generated and user-edited content. Current’s on air Election All-nighter Live will feature real-time Digg headlines, tweets from Twitter and video commentary from and The site will provide breaking news and data including state-by-state projections and Electoral College and popular vote scoreboards.


2 Responses to “Some Ideas for Watching the results online”

  1. Democracy Now might be interesting coverage:

  2. I didn’t have time to write this comment on election day because I had to travel a long way to vote. However, it’s interesting that this was the day we were discussing cybernetic systems, because it was the one single day I can remember where we all did something distinctly human; and it wasn’t the voting, but it was the way everyone felt when we went out in the street afterward. I hope what we did on that day matters.

    So here’s to you with my makeup comment. Have a nice second semester, Peter C

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