Simple Machines, Complex Systems & Big Questions

A belated post about last weeks readings. I didn’t know how to confront these texts because I did not see the issue of how to academically approach the human machine interaction relevant, as presented in these texts.  My initial response would have to be an emphatic no, to both questions posed and perhaps to the entire line of thinking. I can’t see a purpose, beyond a thought exercise, of examining human and human culture separately from the machines and tools created by humans. The texts seemed to present a division created more by boundaries within academic institutions than the actual needs of theoretical discourse around the subject. Humans are by nature tool-makers and tool users. Big Question #1: Do things exist out side of their relationships?
As for media, we are so closely connected to our mechanisms for image reproduction and televisual communication, our tools for interacting with our environment and with other people. They are the tools by which we come to understand ourselves and to reflect and shape our personal and collective identities. Big Question #2: Striped of our machines are we even humans? There is a feedback system between human and “machine” so deep that I don’t think it is possible or relevant actually separate the two and that looking at them as a system is the best way to actually make sense of the complicated relationship.


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  1. Also, last week I was referencing the book Everything Bad is Good For You:

    by Steven Johnson

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