Wiener Vs. Hayles

Control, information and communication are part of an important system. I really enjoyed when Wiener discussed the being and “observer”. He stated how if he were in a forest with someone who didn’t speak his language, he could totally communicate without saying one word, but by observing the other individual’s actions, emotions, interest, etc. “The ability that he has to pick out the moments of my special active attention is in itself a language as varied in possibilities as the range of impressions that the two of us are able to encompass.” (Wiener 157). I definitely agree with Wiener because animals for example, dogs, can not speak the English language, however we have the ability to communicate with them and being able to tell when they are sad, hungry, etc.

I think that information is essential for control because the more information one attains, the more they know over another individuals, making them more powerful. “There is thus no necessary relation in either direction between the amount of racial or tribal or community information and the amount of information available to the individual. (Wiener 158). 

“Under a cybernetic paradigm, these two scales of organization would be joined to each other. What chance then for intimate communication alone with an intelligent savage in the woods?” (Hayles 110). I believe that what Hayles is trying to convey is that even if there is communication it doesn’t mean that there is any underlying type of relation that stands. I disagree greatly with Hayles because any type of communication and intimacy forms a relation between individuals because two are sharing ideas between each other and not anyone else at that very moment.



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