Man vs. Machine

“By any measure, media and information technologies…are the backbone of social, economic, and cultural life in many societies today” (Boczkowski 949).  Media and technology has become so embedded within our culture today that lines blur.  It becomes almost impossible to think of the two independently.  A computer without a user.  Our lives without computers.  Both seem absurd.  We lose sight of the distinctions.

So then, is there any real value in trying to pull this perfectly integrated system apart?  Technology seems to be such a vital progressive asset to our existence.  Boczkowski notes that media and information technologies “support or extend human sensory perception and communicative action across time and space” (Boczkowski 951).  Our world has expanded and become so efficient and it is technology that allows us to do that.  Technology is human evolution and works much faster than natural evolution.  Think about life without computers, cell phones, cars, electricity.  We would be nothing without our technologies.  We would be lost.

But we still don’t like to think of our technologies and ourselves as a single entity.  We maintain the man vs. machine mentality to some degree because we fear becoming obsolete.  But will we?  Can machines function without man?  Man created the machine and controls the functions of the machine.  Or does he?  Perhaps the machine controls us.  Perhaps we are the invention of the machine.  The lines have become so hazy that we can barely decide any longer what we are controlling and what is controlling us.  It has become quite a chaotic mess of manipulation.  And it seems to be heading further and further in that direction.

So is this something to be feared?  Should we attempt to trump this evolution?  And can we?  Do we have the power to stop this technological tornado?  And if not, what have we really got to lose?  Our individuality, our freedom, it might be argued.  But perhaps, we are not losing this at all.  Perhaps this is simply a new opportunity to discover freedom and individuality in a new way.  It’s time we stopped fearing change and learn to embrace it and get what we can from it.  Make it into something we can use to become better.

So maybe technology is the future of creativity.  That’s how I’d like to think of it.  And creativity, in my opinion, is the one thing man will always have over the machine.


One Response to “Man vs. Machine”

  1. christinatx Says:

    I absolutly agree with you that technology has made our society more efficient. We are more productive and time efficient as well. I also have to agree on your point that the lines between man and machine have become hazy. The questions that you presented are ones that I think that we asks ourselves once we are introdued to new technology.
    I don’t that we should fear the changes in our realtionships between us and technology. I think that these changes and realtionships will lead us into a new era of opportunities.

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