Man and Technology- A Coexistence

I do not think that we can no longer make a clear distinction between us and our technological advancements. In my opinion, it is the way in which we utilize our technology that is in need of a definitive distinction.  By this, I am inferring to whether we apply technology as a means of product development in the information technology industry or the operation of these technologies for our personal use, work and school environments.  The purpose of technology should be used as an extension of our daily operations.

Technology, I believe can be abused and too often relied upon. It has the ability to advance and hinder us.  What is easier, walking over to your co-worker who is sitting 6 feet away from you to say good morning or sending an email? Our work has become not only more effective, but also time efficient with our technology. This too I believe can become a double edge sword because we allow ourselves to become accessible and available 24/7. I have personally been a victim of this in the past and know many people who still function this way.

Furthermore, there is almost an obligation to continuously change or further advance technology. I do find that at times tough that when we are introduced with new software programs that there always seems to be a newer and more improved version available not too long after. Other than the realization that I could have spent my money more wisely if I had only waited, it is an example of how swiftly our needs and demands change.

Given our society today “…it is difficult to identify any aspect of contemporary life that is not affected in some way by the development and use of media and information technologies” (Boczkowski & Lievrouw 949). We are immersed in a lifestyle that functions on the coexistence between humans and our technologies. 


2 Responses to “Man and Technology- A Coexistence”

  1. andrewsmrz Says:

    I agree with you in how technology can be abused and can abuse us, can turn us into less and less social beings. To send an e-mail to a co-worker is a quantifiable task, but it is in the quality of the task that the debate can be made.

  2. “We are immersed in a lifestyle that functions on the coexistence between humans and our technologies. ”
    … I often feel like the mission of finding equilibirum in life is to find spaces where we can feel separate and discreet. That was one of the principles esposed by Kerseg in “The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” which everyone really ought to read. Of course, we’re probably so distracted by technology now that nobody will!

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