Bed Stuy Panoptican

Last week, in my neighborhood of Bed Stuy Brooklyn, an squadron of police officers took over our block. They shinned harsh floodlights on the streets, parked cruisers and mobile trucks outside building, and hung camera from telephone poles. If that was not adequate enough, they placed a “watch tower” in the middle the street. This surveillance “bucket truck” stretched towards the sky yet was closed off like a box with four double sided windows, visibly police property due to the indicating signs around it. The neighbor was confused as to what brought on the flurry of police activity, but the officers wouldn’t say as they passed out informational flyers urging precaution, but instead caused hysteria. I scanned the news and Internet to see if there had been a recent crimes or unsolved cases, nothing appeared out of the ordinary.  But the onset of the new visible “power” had directly effected the neighborhood without anyone wondering why. The most drastic of change were the so called “hoodlums” who stood on the corner, mostly to gather to talk about the day, were no longer seen on the corners, as the bright police fluid lights shinned in the very spot they use to frequent. The tower itself was equally confusing, as the box seemed too small for a normal size human to sit in, but no one knew what was hidden behind windows.
In short, I am living proof of Foucault theory. I, as well as others, were victims of the psychological trickery brought on by the panoptican that parked in the middle of our street. We scoured the Internet, newspapers, and television, hoping they would provide an ounce of information that would cure our bewilderment. No one once questioned our sudden fear for our lives, our dependence on this new power, or our sudden thirst for information that could only be provide through media. No one ever questioned that maybe nothing had happened at all.  Thus, the governments control was two fold, in both media and in visible force.
As quickly as the squadron set up camp, disassembled in a week, moving on to another block of Bed Stuy. Yet, the corners still remains empty, thus proving their panoptican had a lasting effect.


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