Panopticon and Media

Media controls people behavior because it is extremely influential. Some people are influenced by a certain artist, athlete, actor, or musician and that particular person is ususally all over the TV, Magazines, News Papers and movies. It is extremly difficult for someone to find there own independant artist or no name athlete and D-list actor. You can see how I label them as Independant and D-list or no name. Categories like this make it difficult not to follow and in some case obsess over the A-list and Marquee. And as we saw in the merchants of cool even if people do go out and find that independant artist, if enough people do, that artist will sooner or later end up on TRL becasue media can make money off of the large fan base. And if not that many people jump on to that independant group and the majors can not make money on that artist they will isolate and outcast the fans and label them as loser or weirdos. So most of the mass audience will be afraid to be labeld weird and they will follow the trend and propaganda that the culture industry has formed.

I didnt really know how to relate the Panopticon with how media controls behaivor but i feel that the way the panopticon sets up the scenario where someone may always be watching you and you are always in a nervous state very cautious to follow rules and act accordingly is similar to how media will kind of shun you and outcast you if you are not following the trend they want you too. similar to the way the central tower sort of states I dare you to move or escape or act up, media dares you to not conform and follow the path that they would like you too.

i think the Panopticon definitely functions as a psyclogical device as i said media can as well.  Foucault says ” the panopticon functions as a kind of laboratory of power. Thanks to its mechanisms of observation, it gains in effiency and ability to penetrate into mens behaivor..”(p7) “


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