Media Does Control Society

Personally, I believe that Media does control societies behaviors. I think it is really hard today to say who or what original means because everything that we wear, listen to, eat and act are all things that we have seen not things that we have invented ourselves. This is a prime example of how media today controls society. News media tells us our news, tell us what to listen to and what is important globally. Fashion designers control what we wear. If you are in a club listening to music and have had a couple of drinks, a certain song can make you act crazier or pump up your energy, thus controlling your behavior. Today we can not walk or go anywhere without being bombarded with different forms of media and advertises. We live in a world run by media and is a form of communication. If we see an ad for the new ipod, that isn’t an accident. That ad was put there for individuals to see and purchase. We as consumers are being controlled by something so great, leaves us with the question if we should be scared? If media can control societies behaviors today, where will be in ten years when technology has further risen and mainstream media has exceeded it’s already high status involvement in society?

Foucault introduced the idea of a panoptic society. This idea of Foucault suggests that in large forms of society such as schools, and prisons, there is a system that is created in their doors. The idea of visibility and being watched is uncovered through the idea of a panoptic society. Foucault believes that is is through this idea that a system has the ability to control and use its power. Through this, I can see how media today is watching us in society and controlling our behavior. Although, I believe we as consumers are becoming smarter because we are sometimes seeing right through these ads. So are we now the ones becoming the “watchers” in society? All of these forms of power in society are formed by disciplines, Foucault states. In order to control they must watch and use discipline.


One Response to “Media Does Control Society”

  1. katiekoep Says:

    You bring up a very interesting point in that consumers are becoming less susceptible to advertising, or so we think. As Foucault explains in his analysis of the Panopticon, we cannot see the power controlling us. It can change and grow without us ever knowing. Are we really becoming smarter and overcoming this controlling force we call the media or is it merely an illusion allowing the media to obtain further control without our knowing it?

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