The Public Sphere

The public sphere is suppose to be a place where individuals come together to voice and form opinions in an equalized manner. However the way society has formed itself has not allowed for this entity of a public sphere to be entirely possible. Nicholas Garnham states that there has been a shift in society with the way things are communicated to individuals, thus leading to certain individuals having the ability to receive more information through different communication modes. For example, universities going towards the private sector, and individuals in the U.S. Government. These examples are making the shift from a public sphere to a private cultural market sector. Individuals who have more power (elite) have the power to spread and communicate what they want the rest of society to hear. The elite are unfortunately the ones that filter to the masses.  

Reading Garnham’s article about The Media and the Public Sphere really made me think about the channels of media such as different big news networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX. These corporations have the power to send whatever messages they want to the masses and we as an individual in society must accept it and not be aware of other opinions. Today we live in a rebellious society where there are many individuals who are anti these big corporations and realize that there is always more to what they really say. These rebellions share their opinions and help spread word through the internet and many have succeeded in opening other individuals’ eyes. 

“The model of the public sphere and of the democratic polity of which  it is a part is thus that of the classical garden, a small tamed patch within a sea of untamed nature (fate) ever ready to take over if the attention of the gardeners slackens for an instant.” (Garnham 375).


4 Responses to “The Public Sphere”

  1. murtaza14 Says:

    I very well agree on what you say about these BIG news companies and how they dominate the media industry today. It has become evident how these channels affect the masses and make them believe what is unreal. Recently I came across a very good article about “These Issues Are Not Real” that highlights how fake news have been in the public sphere over a period of years and the failure of mainstream to envelope it .

  2. loragrass Says:

    At the risk of being contrary, I have to say that while the networks do have the power to control the messages they transmit. They have a certain responsibility, and its a responsiblity that the journalists take seriously. The journalists, not necesarily the parent companies, operate on the old rule that the people own the airwaves, the networks just borrow them (rules are different in cable, of course)– and they serve at our pleasure.
    It doesn’t always appear that way on air, but having spent time working in the newsrooms of 3 out of 5 of the networks you mentioned–I speak from experience. I also know that often the journalists lose to the corporate bosses.

  3. katiekoep Says:

    I have to agree with the original idea that the big corporations are the ones who control the messages being sent out on the airways. I think that journalistic values have been quite muffled in our society today. Everyone and everything in our society has a capitalist agenda. We, without even meaning to or realizing it, sometimes fall victim to this capitalist agenda. Our society has become a big rat race to see who can get the most capital and come out on top and we have to go along with it or get left behind.

  4. christinatx Says:

    Hi, obviously I am making up for some lost blog posting time. I would haveto add on to Katie’s comment about agendas. Not only are we subject to these news corporations interpretations, some people remain at a disadvantage while others can find other resources to provide them with a clearer understanding of the message.
    Thanks for taking a look at my late comment post.

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