“Culture Industry”

According to Horkeimer and Adorno, even today older houses outside the concrete city centers look like slums, and the new bungalows on the outskirts are one with the flimsy structures world fairs in their praise of technical progress and their built-in demand to be discarded after a short while like empty food cans. Yet the city housing projects designed to perpetuate the individual as a supposedly independent unit in a small hygienic dwelling make him all the more subservient to his adversary – the absolute power of capitalism. According to them this is what culture industry is all about. Further explaining the control and influence over the population, they say that because the inhabitants, as producers (and as consumers) are drawn into the center in search of work and pleasure, all the living units crystallize into well-organized complexes. They further say that movies and radio need no longer pretend to be art. The truth that they are just business is made into an ideology in order to justify the rubbish they deliberately produce. No, the culture industry phenomenon is not the same as the propaganda model explained by Herman and Chomsky. There they discuss how the mass media serves as a system for communicating messages and symbols to the general populace.


The relation between the propaganda theory and the idea that “the medium is the message” is obvious as both speak about different mediums one could use to reach out to the public or the end user, whether it involves using various technologies, media embedding or other means of corresponding with the audience.


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