We are the censors (II)

I agree with both of the comments about my post (regarding Chomsky and Abercrombie) — yes, wealth and power clearly control the media and everything else.

However, what i feel was omitted from the reading, was that society through mass share ownership controls wealth and power, therefore we are controlling the forces which repress us.  Abercrombie is a good example of this, because they mirror what society “tries to be,” — e.g. they mirror society’s fears of everyone escept the ideal, and they appeal to shame, thereby causing mass conformity in society; then their advertising money foists social conformity (even some would say fascism) on the population.

Many people complain about Abercrombie’s “explicit” nature, but really Abercrombie is the most right-wing kind of repression because it exalts a stereotypical ideal at the expense of 99.99999999% or possibly 100% of the real people.  Then, because Abercrombie is a share corporation, they and similar corporations use their money and power to silence both any media with honest sexuality, as well as any media which strays too far into anything which attacks the market — because Abercrombie is almost a pure representation of market forces.

It is too easy to attack “money and power,” but money and power are not just Thurston Howell III from Gilligans Island.  Money and power in America are a mass share-owning representation of ALL of us.

Peter C


One Response to “We are the censors (II)”

  1. Yeah, but what about Mr Funt or whatever his name was who killed Lehman Brothers? What about Bill Gates? WHat about Sumner Redstone? Are they a mass share-owning representation of all of us, and are they large enough to be the public? Sumner Redstone may be shaped like a sphere. I sure hope he doesn;t become a PUBLIC sphere!!! Go to hell!!!

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