Medium and the Message


McLuhan makes very convincing arguments about how media, though we may not realize it at times affects society. Regardless of personal beliefs of media, its content is undoubtedly saturated in our daily lives. The constant barrage of content from media has become the norm.  In the text though, the message is the key element. People must determine what the message is and if it is relevant to them. Within the text, it is also addressed that we make our own mediums and the mediums influence our society and ways of interaction. So is this again a form of “the feedback glue” that was discussed previously in class and in The Merchants of Cool?

 The idea of media fixed within media is just another strategy to get a message across for some form of gain (personal, political, etc).  I will take the negative perspective of media within media.  Content on certain television stations can be directly geared to influence audiences. The same can be applied to the internet as well. With so much of our information being drawn from the internet, I cannot help but be concerned about what I am viewing or reading when thinking about medium within medium.

Our dependency of these messages is a staple in how we communicate with each other.  The message on tv, radio, film, and television communicate what is going in society or rather at times what we should be doing in society. Ultimately, I believe that media as a whole is a constant progression. I don’t view media’s messages as a detrimental aspect of our society.  I consider media and new media as a way to advance our ways of thinking and communicating.


2 Responses to “Medium and the Message”

  1. I agree. Media is a powerful tool that can be and is used in many ways to send out positive messages and inspire new ideas. However, it can also be very dangerous and controlling. This is where we run into the issue of censorship. Censorship obstructs freedom, which is one of the most important and exciting aspects of media, but how do we keep media and its messages under control? How do we keep it from creating a monster that manipulates our world?

  2. Good point about advancing our thinking. I hear so much talk that bashes the media, claiming TV, the Internet, PDA’s you name it, are “ruining everything”. The bottom line is everything is developed to advance us. And if you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it, watch it, read it…


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