Medium and the Message Part 2


Hansen’s arguments describe an understanding and visualization that medium’s progression is a way of changing people’s perspectives or as he states “experiences”.  Technology and life, especially in our current society are blended together.

With all of our technology though, Hansen makes it clear that there must be a human element and understanding when discussing medium. The people are the key element in all forms of media. This can be tied into McLuhan’s text where it is addressed that the people make the medium and are ultimately the audience and are affected by it. We can see this in advertising for instance, where companies attempt to drawn in potential target audiences through some form of appeal. You cannot sell a product, service, or idea without understanding it yourself and who it will appeal to.

Of course there are issues of media and power and as Hansen states the “industrialization of consciousness”, but we evolve as people and evolve media and the oscillation of media is ultimately determined by us.   


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